Bad Blogger

I know.

(At first I typed “Bad Booger”. Just thought you should know.)

Would you be mad if I told you I don’t really have any pictures to share? It’s basically because Jake is getting boring and doesn’t do anything cute anymore.


It’s actually because I’m a bad mother. But a goal this next week is to take lots of pictures and maybe (gasp) even post a true crawling video!

So instead of lamenting about days of yore when I was an excellent blogger, I’ll give you a numbered list to update you on our lives. It doesn’t get much better than this!

1. Jake is everywhere. Luckily he’s still not the speediest crawler in the world (well I thought he was until I saw some of his seasoned crawling friends on the move), but he can still get from one room to the other pretty quickly. It’s so cute because it really gets him breathing hard…you can almost hear him coming. We’ll work on stamina in July. :)

2. Jake loves his Gymboree classes. We’ve been going for a month now and he is obsessed with the teacher. Which is funny considering he’s not always the warmest around strangers. He loves seeing the other kids and crawling on all the different “structures”. He can even climb up stairs and inclined ramps – what?! His sheer talent blows us away. The “mommy & me” class is more like “see ya later mommy” class, but hey. He’ll come running back when he’s looking for that date at senior prom!

3. Jake loves his finger foods, specifically graham crackers. It’s almost an unhealthy obsession. When he sees that blue & gold box, he starts clenching his fists and shaking. Then, he’ll proceed to scream if you don’t give him some. So we’ve had lots of screaming over here as we try to learn to ask politely for “more” food! I think we’ll be moving on to more finger foods sooner than later. He’s becoming less and less interested in being spoon-fed. Stop growing!

4. I love my teaching job! Love it. It’s something I actually enjoy doing everyday. What?? That hasn’t happened since I was a world-class waitress back in high school. Maybe I’ve found my calling. And from what I hear, “Jakey” (his new alias apparently) has fun playing hair parlor while I’m gone.

5. Also, I’ve been told Jake looks more tan than usual. Guess you come to expect that with a baby that’s 1/4 Mexican. :)

6. I really didn’t plan on this numbered list being only about our child.

7. But sometimes that’s all our life is about.

8. We are excited to have a 3 day weekend and little does Seth know I have all sorts of projects planned for him! I suppose anything outside-related will have to be done in the middle of the night to avoid heatstroke.

9. I will post pictures soon.

10. Oh yeah, my students think I’m so lame. How is this possible? I was asking them what sort of TV shows they watched and I got 30 blank stares. Apparently TV “isn’t cool” anymore for college students. They asked if “that’s all you do when you have kids”. They probably think I wear mom jeans too. WHICH I DON’T. I think now that I’m a mom, mom jeans should now officially be called “grandma jeans” because none of my mom friends wear them either.

And if you’re wondering what “grandma jeans” are…look down. You probably have some on!

I’ll stop now.

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