Bare Necessities

So I realize there are several things I’ve been meaning to discuss that have somehow been moved to the backburner.

1) WD-40

Have we ever discussed how FABULOUS this product is?? According to their website, it has more than 2,000 uses! Silly me, I thought it only fixed squeaky doors. Did you know it can remove gum, sticker, and crayon marks? It can also remove nailpolish, grime, clean piano keys, and remove those stubborn temporary tatoos! Did you know they make a handy WD-40 travel stick (similar to the Tide stick…another wonder)???

Simply amazing.

This weekend I had Seth get out our trusty ol’ friend because the squeak on the pantry door was driving me nuts. After I saw how quickly it worked, I jumped up and started opening and closing all the doors/cabinets in the house. What a fun game!!! Should I mention it was Friday night and we were oiling the doors? How embarassing. But satisfying all the same. Except now we can’t hear when Tucker opens the pantry door. Because as I’ve mentioned, the pantry is his second home.

2) Liam Neeson v. Jack Bauer

We finally watched Taken this weekend. My sister and boss have been bugging me for months about this movie. Now I know why.

Liam Neeson makes Jack Bauer look like a pansy. There’s just no other way to say it. Let’s just say that if I’m ever kidnapped…I hope he’s the one they send looking for me!!

3) Espresso

I’ve always wondered why I can’t find bags of espresso in the coffee aisle at HEB. I just thought it was too high-class to be sitting on a grocery shelf. Little did I know that espresso is simply finely-ground coffee! Or, according to Wikipedia, espresso is a concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee. Amazing.

No wonder my caramel macchiatos cost an arm & a leg. Another reason why I need an espresso machine at home. And now I’ll save tons of money because I can just buy coffee beans instead of continuing on my quest for bagged espresso.

Thank you Cathy for enlightening me!

(Don’t worry Seth…the espresso machine is last on my list right now. But maybe one day???)

4) So You Think You Can Dance

Goodness. They just keep getting better. I love Jeanine! She is a gorgeous dancer. But I love Kayla too. And sweet Randi just had the sweetest smile so we were sad to see her go. But I definitely think Brandon and Ade are our 2 top guys and J&K are the top 2 girls. Although they’re all so stinkin’ good it really doesn’t matter at this point. Let’s all just high-five to the fact that Kupono and his homeless man wardrobe are gone gone gone!

Is it too much to take Jake to a NKOTB concert and the SYTYCD tour all in the same year?

5) Pedicures. The good kind.

As most of you ladies know, you can’t have a good pedicure without some quality scraping. Unfortunately, most nail salons out there have ceased using the aforementioned scraping technique because of sanitary reasons. Instead, they have resorted to simply scrubbing your foot, which, we all know works like crap.

Imagine my DELIGHT when Cathy took me to French Nails in downtown Houston (well, what I consider downtown at least. Really more like I10 and the Beltway.) Not only did they have the water hot and ready for my dainty toes (too often they try to pass lukewarm as acceptable at these places) but they most definitely used the foot scraper!!!

I don’t care if they’re sanitary or not. They get the job done. I even think I might consider driving that far more often if I can ensure my feet are as soft as they are today. Worth the extra $2 I added on the tip. Why can’t more nail people use them as an example? Break the health code, I don’t care!!!

Whew. That was a lot in a little amount of time. NOW we’re officially caught up.

2 thoughts on “Bare Necessities

  1. aww, no love for Kupono? I took Justin to a SYTYCD concert. I screamed for Pasha all the way from the cheap seats. and we wore earplugs and were thankful for it!

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