Beach “Vacation”

This past weekend we had a little beach vacation with Seth’s parents.  I use the word “vacation” very loosely because I wouldn’t consider anything with little children a restful experience right now.  Especially when the youngest one decided to pull an all-nighter the first night we were there…
We drove to Mustang Island in Port Aransas to let the boys experience the beach for the first time.  I have made many memories here over the years and hope they will too!

Jake got right down to business.  Playing in the sand.  He was ob-sessed.

Drew in the sand was a different story.  Because Drew was literally IN the sand.  It was everywhere and he was such a mess.  It would get on his hands, he would rub his eyes, cry because sand was in the eyes…repeat.

So happy and in his element!  Jake didn’t really care for the ocean as much as the big sandbox to play in.  I know he will love coming back with his friends one day!

A few moments of relaxation.

Building sandcastles with Popo and Nonnie.  They were good sports!

And here we go…

Drew, on the other hand, loved crawling in the water.  The saltwater didn’t seem to bother him and we would carry him back when he got too deep and he’d do it all over again.

Daddy and Drew

Popo and Nonnie with their grandsons

Family picture – they were mad we stopped their playing to take a quick picture.  We’re such tyrants.

For any of you that have been to Port A, remember when this was just a little shark mouth??  They had built a HUGE shark in front of the souvineer shop and Jake was obsessed with this.  He requested to see the big shark about 1,000 times.  We even had to drive a different way out of town on the way home so we wouldn’t pass it again!

Almost the same size, right?

Look at those teeth.  We told Jake we had to leave because the shark had to eat dinner and we didn’t want to be his food.  Jake said the shark was “probably going to eat a sandwich?  With strawberries and Cheetos?”
We had a lot of fun and were so proud of how well the boys did in the car!  (I’d like to thank Target and their $5 Batman movies…) I don’t think we’re up for a 5 hour drive again anytime soon but at least we survived with relatively little crying and all our hair.  
But speaking of relaxing…

Seth and I will be going on a REAL-LIVE VACATION in just a few weeks!  Yes, I will be laying out at that pool and reading books and magazines all day.  And sleeping if I want.  And eating when I want.  And talking to friends when I want.  
If you didn’t catch my point.
(Cue Hallelujah chorus)

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