Best Dad in the World!

I took a walk down memory lane looking for pictures of Jake and his daddy. In eight short months, I have seen our little boy change drastically…but I have also seen a side of Seth that has exceeded any expectations I had for him as a father. He is patient, fun, proud, helpful and will be a wonderful example to Jake. I know they will have a great relationship in the special way only little boys and their daddies can have.

(You know…those great kind of relationships where they sweat outside together while Mommy goes to get a pedicure)

(I kid)


But in all seriousness, Jake is all grins when he sees Seth. And really it’s more than a grin. It’s the kind of excitement that only graham crackers, cheese, and Daddy can make happen. And I love it!

Happy Father’s Day Seth – we both love you and are so lucky to have you in our lives! A wonderful father, an awesome husband, and our best friend!

I mean really…he’s never that happy to play with me!

I have a feeling there will be lots of father-son football watching…
Sweet boys :)

(Seth, don’t be mad at me for posting that one!!)

We are also lucky to have two great fathers of our own who have helped us become the people we are today. Happy Father’s Day to Grandpa and Popo – we love you!

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