Big Money & Curtain Craziness

Oh yes. The weekend started off pretty nice…with MY husband beating the pants of all YOUR husbands in a little game of poker! jk. He probably needs several slices of humble pie now because now he thinks he is invincible! Let’s just hope he doesn’t take the Anderle savings account to Vegas…

I snuck a picture of the “finalists table” when we stopped by later that night. Probably faux pas for 1) girls to even show up and 2) for a girl to take a picture…but hey, that’s my job. To document things. And thanks to Seth for making us $200 richer!

In other exciting news…Kim made me some curtains! We had taken a field trip to the fabric store last weekend and she brought them back tonight and they look fabulous! I owe her a million dollars for helping me with this. We hope to tackle the living room next Sunday afternoon. Just checking off more things on the “things to do before children list”! I mean, heaven forbid we bring a baby home to an un-window treated home. Horrifying. Obviously we underestimated the amount of fringe we needed but we went ahead and hung everything up and I am super excited! It looks great. THANK YOU KIM!

Aggies played surprisingly better than usual, but we still couldn’t pull off a win…. :(

Such is life.

3 thoughts on “Big Money & Curtain Craziness

  1. last comment tonight, i promise. but i really like the windows. and i’m just so proud of seth for winning for yall. so great to know he has these hidden talents.

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