Bloody Brilliant!

I think I might have giggled while watching The Bachelor last night. And when I giggle during a TV show, you know it’s going to be good! It was just so refreshing – FINALLY a Bachelor with a personality. Saying I have been disappointed with some of the last few seasons is putting it lightly. What happened to the good ol’ days with Bachelor Aaron and Bob? Or hello, Andrew Firestone?! I won’t argue that Brad Womack was good looking last season but he was a bit of a dud. Andy Baldwin (gag), Prince Lorenzo (double gag), and company may have had entertaining women on the show but otherwise weren’t much to brag about. At least in my opinion. I just ended up losing interest and reading the recaps instead. But Matt Grant, my friends, is a man worth watching.

Not only is he bloody good looking but he can keep up a conversation without it being painfully awkward, he’s got a sense of humor, and quite possibly has a lot to offer us this season (i.e. his sweet dance moves). Never mind the crazy chickens all vying for his heart! After seeing several of the ladies offer up performances of their special “talents” (i.e. musical ability, ripping through beer cans with their bare teeth, etc), I got to thinking…what talent might I offer up to grab the Bachelor’s attention? How could I really make a lasting impression?

-Serenade him with a quick sonata on my French horn?
-Wow him with my funny jokes?
-Demonstrate how quickly I can type?
-Write him a clever poem or two?
-Sing my own special rendition of “Say My Name”?
-Bake him some bread?

I’m assuming that all these (and more) are what really sealed the deal for my husband. I guess special talents really do help. I mean, how could anyone resist? It’s totally obvious to me now why I am the object of Seth’s affection.

We shall see what this upcoming season has to offer. I’ve already got my eye on 3 girls who I think have lasting potential. This was supposed to be the year I gave up on this reality TV phenomenon that has rotted brains of Americans everywhere (well except for SYTYCD for which I will remain forever faithful). I suppose I’ll have to have one last go at The Bachelor…

I would write weekly recaps, but unfortunately that’s been done. Sooo yesterday. Looks like I’ll need to come up with another clever way to make a name for myself in this world of blogging…

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