Bluebonnet Boys

On Tuesday evening we had the boys pictures taken in the bluebonnets.  I haven’t seen too many in our area yet but there was one thick patch just perfect for some pictures!

Jess Coleman of Frugal Fotography took these and did a great job.  Jake was super cooperative and I was really proud of him.  Drew, not so much.  He had a death grip around my neck the entire time and would scream if I would put him down.  I was so disappointed because he is mostly a happy kid and we weren’t able to capture his cute smile.  I’ll set my expectations a little lower next year…


IMG_7078 IMG_7091 IMG_7110 Our best shot of the two boys together.  Just imagine they are looking and smiling.IMG_7130 Oh Drewbie.

IMG_7131 I literally had to set him down and run.  This was a millisecond before he started crying.IMG_7138Sweet boys sharing a flower.

I love all the spring weather we’ve been having (except for the days it has been 90 degrees…yikes) and the time spent outside.  Bluebonnets and all the other wildflowers growing this time of year make Texas a beautiful place to live!

One thought on “Bluebonnet Boys

  1. I haven’t even seen that many bluebonnets total this year, great find of a patch! (also, of course your sons are cute. I love that they wear matching clothes. SO MUCH)

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