Boomer Sooner than Later…

I can’t vouch for the quality of any of the pictures in this post, but am super excited because I can take pictures on my phone and email them to myself. Thanks to the sweet 2.0 megapixel camera on the blackjack! And really it’s because I just forgot my real camera.

These are a tad old, but several weeks ago we went to see The Woodlands High and College Park battle it out on the field. We were only biased since David coaches at College Park. But we had a great time watching the game, the MARCHING BAND, and learning what teenagers wear these days.

(I’m just kidding about the band…but they were still pretty good!)

Amy & Makenzie cheering on their dad/husband
Georgia & Kim discussing the latest play

Luckily, we also got to see OU pummel the Aggies this weekend. In person. At least we scored 28 points. I would’ve never seen that one coming. But it was pretty bad. And I almost fell asleep in the first quarter (more on that later). BUT, on a positive note, thanks to Paula & Ben (and really Jeremy & Stacy) we were able to pull a seat switcheroo at the last minute and got to enjoy the miserable defeat from the alumni side, 2nd deck, 35 yard line…WHOOP!

I figured this was the closest the score would ever be. I should’ve just taken it when it was still 0-0 because that probably would have looked better. Oh well.

“Hey old seats at the top of the Zone! Suckas!”

The first and only time we’ll probably be in these seats :)

Let me just say how cute the old folk were that surrounded us. These people represent dedication! The old man in front of us graduated in 1943. That was a LONG time ago, people! And it was so sweet to hear him & his wife discuss how this year’s team was nothing like the national championship team in 1939.

I am not joking.

Just makes you want to put them in your pocket!

I would write about other things I remember from the game but it’s mainly the old folk, kettle corn, and OU fight song. Seriously. By the end of the game, Paula & I were actually dancing to it. Because what else were we supposed to do?

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