Carseat Woes

Yes, I’m stalling because I have no pictures.

We have a major carseat problem. Well, actually we’ve HAD one. For 9.5 months that is.

Someone in this household hates their carseat. And by hate, I mean…kicking, screaming, alligator tears, throwing things, convulsing, kicking, and screaming.

We pulled out the big-kid carseat and decided to give it a try. In my head I thought it was the perfect solution and the tears would stop.

Guess what?

They didn’t.

Since I got zero help with our sugar ant problem, I have high hopes for help this time around…

What do we do?? It doesn’t matter how many toys he has back there…or if he has his sippy or snack cups…he throws them and screams. It makes going anywhere in the car absolutely miserable. I even do the silent groan everytime we’re getting ready to load up as I brace myself for what the next 15 minutes – several hours will bring.

This is why it’s just sometimes easier for people to come to us. Contrary to popular belief, I cannot drown out the sound of screaming. Maybe this is a acquired mom-skill.

I should’ve been nervous on our original drive home from the hospital when 1.5 day old Jake screamed bloody murder the entire time. If only I knew what was in store…. :)

I need solutions people.

4 thoughts on “Carseat Woes

  1. Hey Mary…this I Kathi, as in high school Kathi. And yes, I Google Read your blog. Quite entertaining, if I do say so myself. Anyways, I just have to respond to a fellow mother’s call of distress. Unfortunately, I have little (ok, absolutely NO) helpful advice to give. I’d just hope that in the nearish future when you can go all forward facing in the car that things will be MUCH better. I mean, how much would you like having to stare at the back of the seat? Exactly.

    OH, and drowning out the screaming is unfortunately not an acquired skill. I think the longer you’re a mom, the more irritated you get by it.

  2. :( sorry the car rides haven’t gotten better. I would have guessed a new seat might help. I obviously have no advice since Sara is younger than Jake and luckily has always been a good car rider :).

  3. Do you think maybe he is car sick? Calyn used to get really car sick. After just a few times of it anytime we would get in the car she would associate the car with the sickness and scream (even if she wasn’t sick) It wasn’t until we turned her around at 18 months that it got a lot better.

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