Celebration of Two

In celebration of TWO years of our marriage, I have decided to post how “two” has made an impact in our lives.

(I’ll admit, I was just going to post two great things about Seth…which probably would’ve been easier…but it would have also looked silly too. Don’t worry, I’ll have a great list ready for our 25th!)

- We have lived in 2 homes (I really miss that one bedroom apartment)
- We have acquired 2 dogs
- We’ve been on 2 vacations (ok, not counting honeymoon)
- I’ve broken 2 coffee decanters
- We’ve had 2 different comforters on our bed
- I’ve had 2 jobs
- I’ve only bought 2 things during our marriage…
- I sometimes dream I will have twins
- We have 2 guns
- Our dogs chewed on 2 pieces of furniture
- Neither of us can stay up until 2am
- We painted 2 rooms
- We celebrate 2 birthdays in October
- We have to vacuum 2 times a week
- We had 2 siblings graduate from college this year
- Several of our friends already have 2 kids
- We are both 2 times as beautiful as we were on our wedding day
Ok, I’m really have to stretch it now. You get the picture.

Here’s to 2 great years. I cannot imagine my life without Seth.

One day he will decide to blog and tell you he also cannot imagine his life without me :)

Yesterday I was trying to figure out what the traditional 2nd anniversary gifts were. Seeing as we just got back into town, neither of us had really put thought into anything. So we decided no gifts. Even no cards. I’ve never seen Seth grin so big.

I just told him he had to tell me what the card would say, had he bought one.

Then the grin went away.

But it did say the tradional gift was cotton. How about that. Maybe back in old times women got a cotton plant. Or maybe an entire field! Lucky for me, the mall had great sales right before Christmas and let’s just say I got plenty of cotton.

I can’t wait for LEATHER for #3!

But back to the celebration. We had your typical romantic night of take-out chinese and taking down the Christmas decorations. Oh, and he also took me to a fancy lunch at Jason’s Deli! It was perfect ;) And, since he was also probably scared out of his wits when I said no gifts, he bought me some beautiful lilies and the Anniversary Willow Tree Angel.

That means I have received EIGHT new Willow Trees in the past couple of weeks. Jackpot!

But the house looks so sad now with no more Christmas. Although I refuse to take down the nativity scene quite yet. I want to enjoy that a little longer.

It’s hard to believe 2008 is over. This year has been full of excitement, disappointment, learning, and more. I pray that God blesses us just as abundantly in 2009 (as well as ALL of you!). This will be the year we are finally closer to 30 than 20.


Happy New Year!

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