“Chi Chi” Reunion

A couple weekends ago, I was lucky enough to have a girl’s weekend with some of my best friends!  Seth got some quality time with our boys and I got a much-needed break and quality time with the girls!
We got together on Friday so that Jake and his buddy Noah could hang out.  They loooove playing (and bathing) together!
On Saturday we had a terrible morning at the spa.  Just miserable.  Massages and pedis, could it get any worse?? ;)

Susan, Me, Dabney, and Paula
(We realized afterward it was maybe awkward…or illegal…to take pictures in the locker room.  Oops.)
We spent a fun afternoon at the Galleria and then went to dinner and a movie.  Without children, might I add.

I just had the idea to post a group picture of us from middle school but I think I might lose all my readers.
I love these girls so much and can’t wait until we get together again – hopefully before next year!

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