Chi Chi Weekend 2008!

Whew. What a weekend! I was blessed to be able to join some of my best friends the past couple days in the good ol’ Metroplex. Paula and I road-tripped up to Ft. Worth on Friday evening to meet up with Dabney and Susan (who flew in from Malibu to join in the fun!!!).

We thought it would be so easy to stay up and talk all night. Just like the good ol’ days. We made it to maybe 1am…which is actually quite admirable, considering these big workin’ girls are probably in bed by 9 or 10 at the latest now!! It was so much fun to catch up with everyone and poke fun of each other just like the old times. I’ll just say we had a few interesting discoveries (lips are sealed) and some good laughs!!

The real reason we were in town was for Megan & Michael’s wedding on Saturday. The ceremony was at the gorgeous SMU chapel and what…a…bride!! I have never seen such a gorgeous dress! Weddings always make me a little nostalgic and it was so special to see another childhood friend tie the knot. It was also a great reminder of the importance of a Godly marriage and sacrificial love. I am so lucky that MY husband is my best friend and constant partner that I love with all my heart!!! Enough of me though…

Megan was one of the first girls I met when my family and I moved to San Antonio in 1995. She came right up to me at church to introduce herself and made me feel so welcome. (Many years later I found out the real reason she was so eager to approach me…she actually felt sorry for me since I was in SIXTH GRADE and still wearing a matching dress with my two sisters!!!!! THANKS MOM) She has a huge heart and is halfway through med school right now in San Antonio. Megan will be an incredible doctor one day that will bless so many people (and hopefully write my prescriptions??). She, along with all these other girls, have been amazing friends over the past 13ish years and hopefully so many more to come!!

All the Chi Chi’s!!!
Cara, Mary, Susan, Megan, Paula, & Dabney

Bride’s cake – excellent!

Me and our California girl

Me and Cara

And yes, me with the lovely bride!!
5 weddings down…1 to go…

The Maxwell’s first dance

Father-daughter danceSweet family moment!

Groom’s cake

Susan & Paula at Joe T. Garcia’s

After the reception was over we headed to Joe T. Garcia’s for a Mexican feast! Not as good as true SA Mexican food, but close enough :) We enjoyed great fajitas, margaritas, and lots of laughs. It was nice to kick back, relax, and stuff our faces with chips. Especially at such a fun restaurant!

It’s nice to be back in town but I SURE don’t want to go to work tomorrow! Thanks to Dabney for letting us take over your apartment this weekend!!!

I also had a nice surprise when I got home…2 very special friends had snuck in the house on Saturday and added a little extra decor to the Anderle abode!! I didn’t get a picture yet but I’ll just say changes are a comin’!!! We’re hoping to introduce some paint and more window coverings over the next month or two….thanks Kim & Georgia!!!!

I am so lucky and blessed to have such fabulous friends to take care of me! I love you ALL!

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