Chicken Nuggets +French Fries = Love

You can tell by my dinner tonight that Seth is obviously at school. Salad. Cereal. Popcorn. A totally nutritious meal of greatness! I relish in these evenings I don’t have to cook. As much as I enjoy whipping up various entrees en la cocina de Anderle….it’s nice to kick back, relax, and be lazy with my bowl of cereal and the Bachelor!

Since I haven’t really commented on the show thus far, I decided to highlight my thoughts as I watch tonight’s episode. And since nobody is here to steal the computer from me, this works out quite nicely!

Molly’s Date:

-Another tank top and scarf ensemble. Molly…really? If this is the new style, this is going to take awhile to get used to. I’m just getting used to long-sleeves and scarves!

-I don’t quite know if Molly is sincere. She’s got that look…

-Very sneaky of Jason to schedule an overnight camping date. I can’t wait to see Shannon lose it!!! And ABC, was the tent-moaning really necessary? I threw up a little in my mouth.

-She’ll be a dark horse, but she’s not the right match for Jason. In my opinion. Cute girl though!

Group Date:

-OMG ANOTHER SCARF. I’m telling ya, this is the YEAR of the scarf!

-Stories (excuse me…soaps) are the ultimate cheese. Did anyone else think the guy actor was kinda unattractive?? And who is Lulu??

-Could Shannon have attacked Jason’s lips any faster? I bet she puts that on her myspace page.

-When is DD coming back?

-Nicely done with the strategic placement of the General Hospital commercial.

-I’m afraid Lauren is a closet-psycho. Well, second to Shannon at least. Could she be more obnoxious?

-An inkling of me feels sorry for Megan. Oh wait…no, not anymore. Man up girl!

-Yikes Naomi. You’re going home soon!

-I pray Shannon is never ever ever my hygenist!

-Yikes…spoke too soon about Naomi. And yes, Lauren, you are an idiot.

Two on One, Tag Team Date:

-Initial prediction…bye bye Nikki. OR both girls.

-Nikki – WE GET IT! You don’t like to be unprepared.

-Stephanie is a ballet teacher? Oh that makes me love her more! A real-live ballerina!

-Ah! I am loving this! It’s almost like So You Think You Can Dance! A true dance-off.

-Explain to me how every single girl on this show feels “chemistry”. I mean, really. Isn’t there ever a girl who comes on and says “eh…not so much.” Ok, maybe it did happen on one season but it is funny how every girl has an instant “connection” with Jason!

-YEA STEPHANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

-What’s with all these girls talking about how pretty they are? Did they really mean to apply for True Beauty??

Rose Ceremony:

-First of all, Ty is going to be so embarassed one day when he sees his dad making out with all these girls on national TV

-I feel sorry for Lauren’s students. She is a big ol’ bad word. She is completely lost in her own little world…

-WHAT IS SHANNON WEARING?? A knitted mumu??

-I’m still rooting for Jillian, Melissa, and Stephanie

And in the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER…the roses go to:


Ohhhhweee this is getting good, folks!

3 thoughts on “Chicken Nuggets +French Fries = Love

  1. did you miss shannon’s comment “when i get back home, i’m going to use an electric toothbrush and give my puppy the biggest french kisses . . .” hm.
    glad you’re back to recapping the bachelor, though. i so look forward to those posts.

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