Christmas #2 (or was it #3??)

We never would’ve thought that on our way home from Dallas this past weekend, we’d drive through this:

(My apologies to the owner of the house. My husband was going nutso wanting pictures of all objects covered in snow)

The snow turned a 3.5 hour drive into over a 5 hour drive and all 5 of those hours with an unhappy toddler who was so very unimpressed by the portable DVD player we bought him on Black Friday?

Let’s just say we don’t want to do that again.

But on the BRIGHT SIDE, we did get to spend the weekend with my grandparents and Emily & Kyle. If you thought we were done with Christmas, you were wrong! It was so very cold in the Metroplex so we spent most of our time indoors much to Jake’s chagrin.

But good news, he is now a seasoned pianist! We were going to stay a few extra days so he could get some extra practice with the symphony but Dad had to get back to work. Maybe next time…

We also practiced going up and down the stairs safely. Jake mostly got a kick out of standing at the bottom and looking at us through the railings. It’s the little things people.

And he was also a little goofy…

Playing with Meemaw, his great-grandmother!

Riding the horse on Peepaw’s leg

Kyle, Emily, and Jake. He really was pleased to be in this picture…

Checking out Uncle Kyle’s new camping chairs!

We opened presents right before dinner on Saturday. Jake was less interested in the gifts and more interested in the upcoming meal. So he multi-tasked.

We were glad to see Uncle Kyle and Aunt Emily!

Jake also got to play with his Great Aunt Laurie. She gave him some books for Christmas and he was sold! Kiddo loves him some books!

Me and Meemaw. Is there a resemblance?

We had such a great time and were glad to catch up with family we hadn’t seen in awhile! Now we are gearing up for yet another Christmas this upcoming weekend (better late than never, eh?) with Nana, Aunt Rachel, future Uncle Michael, and Nanny & Papa.

It’s just a shame nobody ever cares to see Jake…

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