Christmas Numero Uno

I remember when I was little telling my parents that “it wasn’t fair there was Mother’s Day and Father’s Day…because why wasn’t there a KID’S day?” And my mom would always reply, “EVERYDAY is kid’s day!”

I never believed her until now.

055xMost of my side of the family came in town on Friday and we have spent the weekend celebrating with them.  So much for not wanting the kids to be spoiled – Nana had a truckload!  She brought gifts from all the family members we weren’t getting to see too and the boys were so overwhelmed.

069 Our little elves.  They have had a BLAST with all the extra attention!

076x Everytime we say “cheese”, Drew immediately does this.  It’s so cute!

077 Jake helped sort out all the presents.  I remember me and my cousins always fought over doing this when we were younger.

082 Jake has been begging for an Incredible Hulk action figure (among many other things).  I got his face right when he opened it and he was over the moon.

087 Drewbie got lots of new books to read.  He loves sitting with Daddy.

089 Aunt Rachel and Uncle Michael

095 Aunt Emily & Jake with the “Blades” Rescue Bot she gave him.  This was his hot item this year.  If you’re familiar with Transformer Rescue Bots, there are several and this was his main Santa request.  Emily finished off what we didn’t think Santa would get. :)  Thank goodness for aunts and uncles.

105 Sweet boys playing with stickers.

115x Family picture minus Uncle Kyle who had to work – BOO.  AND, everyone is actually looking and smiling on the first take?  A modern day miracle.

118xNext to our new Christmas sign – I love it!

Merry Christmas Eve!

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