Coupon Blunder?

I loooove me some coupons! Rarely do I go to a store without some sort of coupon or discount…you’d be silly not to! With just a few google searches, you’ll find all sorts of 20% off deals, free shipping, etc etc. I am a part of several “birthday clubs” (as are the other 4 members of my family…human or not) and several times a year we get $10 off coupons, free meals, free ice cream and more.


I thought I scored big time when had put everything on sale, plus I had an additional 25% off coupon. We found a pair of Stride Rite tennis shoes for Jake this summer for $15 and free shipping. Sweet, right? I sent the link to several friends with small kids and was confused when nobody responded with a “Thanks, we got a pair too!”


When the package arrived in the mail today, I got Jake all hyped up. “Let’s see your new shoes! You got new shoes! Let’s try on your new shoes!”

Looks like someone ordered the wrong kind of “size 5″.

Jake was still super pumped though!!

I have never felt so dumb.

Good thing they have free returns as well :)

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