Crazy Lazy

So…I wish I could say we were super productive this weekend. (i.e. deep cleaned the house, washed the cars, got quality time at the pool, etc etc) More like super lazy.


It’s almost embarassing to say how much we slept. But I desperately needed every minute of it. Proof that Tucker = handful. But a cute handful. And our little boy is on his way to being potty trained! Not that any of you really care much about his progress, but we’ve gone from like 10 accidents a day to maybe one. Hallelujah. AND…best part…NO WHINING or crying last night when we went to bed. Slept the entire night. No waking up at 12, 3, and 5. The entire night. Ahhh…bliss.

I can’t say we were completely UN-productive I guess. We finally redid our flower beds on Saturday and my gosh it was hot. I take back everything I ever said about loving summer. How about I love spring. Or fall. Or semi-warm winters? I could hardly move on Sunday. Somehow Mary always ends up buying everything and mulching the entire flowerbeds by herself. And 5 bags of mulch really are a pain in the you know what. I have 2 nasty blisters and a sore tush to prove it. Oh ok and Seth didn’t just lay around and laugh…he did mow. So…clearly I did all the grunt work.

We did see Ironman and rented Lions for Lambs. Both great movies, however I was not as much on the Ironman bandwagon as everyone else. We’re a bit disappointed to hear that Indiana Jones got less-than-stellar reviews. Guess it’s a good thing we decided to put that off a few weeks instead of waiting in the crazy lines.

I realize this qualifies as 1) most boring post ever and 2) longest time without posting (nearly a week people). You’d think I have some pictures to show for it. Hmmm…no such luck.

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