Crazy Weekend

Maggie & Tucker had tons of visitors this weekend. It was almost like we had a newborn! (well…I guess we did. just not technically a HUMAN newborn) Unfortunately nobody really volunteered to bring the proud parents dinner…help pick up poop…watch the pups while we caught up on our sleep…I mean COME ON guys! It’s tough stuff raising a puppy! :)

I also participated in the Junior Achievement bowl-a-thon with Anadarko on Saturday afternoon. Our team raised nearly $900 and we were bowling pros. My best score was 144. I KNOW! I forgot how awesome I was. Matt, Trisha, and little Amy stopped by beforehand to meet our new addition…the dogs had tons of fun with Amy and the smell of her sweet baby skin!

Kim and Tucker got some quality shut eye while Maggie played with Buster & Berkley

Getting to know each other…on a new level

Perhaps a bit too early to try and take him on a walk! Just a short 10 minute walk but I had to carry him after about 5 minutes :) And then he fell asleep with his head on the leash. Oh well.

Sibling Love

Aunt Paula came to see little Tuck and rocked him to sleep…

…just like she did last year with Maggie! I think someone has baby fever…

And clearly, Cathy had to join in the fun too!

Tuck and Mags also had fun with the Merediths and Babcocks…phew, we are wiped! :)

Today has been full of catching up on TV shows and my reading! This is a BIG TV WEEK as most of you know, with season premieres of both The Bachelorette and……SYTYCD! (and if you don’t know what that stands for I’m not talking to you…)

I’ll try to keep the dog posts/pics to a minimum…for now.

One thought on “Crazy Weekend

  1. awww…i can’t believe i didn’t think to bring a pizza or something for the new parents!

    and look how tiny tuck is compared to maggie in my token baby holdin’ shot!

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