Is this not stinkin’ cute?! I was ordering a baby gift for a friend from Jaime’s Etsy Shop and could not RESIST this cute onesie. I know Jaime from SA and she is so very crafty…y’all need to check out the other precious things she makes too! She also threw in an adorable burp cloth to match the outfit.

Baby Anderle’s FIRST OUTFIT!

And only outfit…for awhile at least. I am still waiting to buy much for this kid, lest someone should come back and say baby boy is actually a baby girl. But it was kinda fun to get one thing!

Ok two things. But the 2nd is his Halloween costume which I’ve had for about a year already. Except I looked at it last night and even though it says 0-9 months…I think about 3 newborns could fit into it! Oh well, at least it’s a cute picture opportunity! :)

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