Designer God

I wish I had written this post but I didn’t. When talking about designer babies…and more specifically a designer God, Missy eloquently puts into words everything I wish I could have!

For some reason, her post really got me fired up. I even wrote out a long-winded fire and brimstone post last night, complete with Bible verses that I thought would really send the point home. But after Seth repeatedly saying, “You can’t post that!” I realized he was right. At least not until I can find a more gentle and appropriate way to share my thoughts.

Clearly Missy has already found her way on the gentle train.

But you know, our God is sometimes a fire and brimstone-type God. As Missy says, we create a “designer God” who wants us to be happy no matter what the cost. Who feels sorry for us when we don’t get our way, who never condemns, who never disciplines.

I think we all know that’s not an effective way to parent even our own children. So why would God do the same?

Kids, we are accountable for our actions and as servants of God, we have certain responsibilities. God doesn’t let us off easy and He sure as heck doesn’t turn His head the other way. But He does have a plan for us.

A plan that is put into action in His time and His way.

As long as we give it up to Him. The true God. The God of Abraham. The God of David. Not the God of our own creation.

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