Did Somebody Need a Doctor?

I cannot believe I forgot to mention my celebrity sighting this weekend!

I asked Seth on a scale of 1-10 exactly how famous he thought this woman was. For measurement purposes, I told him Justin Timberlake was a 10. Naturally.

He gave this certain person an 8.

I beg to differ, but it appears my husband was a bigger fan of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman than I was.

Yes, Jane Seymour was at The Woodlands Mall promoting her “Open Hearts” necklace. Or as my sister lovingly refers to it, the “two sets of butt cheeks”.

She’s sweet, isn’t she?

I was a little confused to see the line of people outside the temporary art gallery they had set up. Because yes, Dr. Quinn is an artist by night I guess? So she brought paintings of all her inspirations and then was signing autographs. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Ok maybe not. But it’s not everyday you see famous people in your hometown!

Except if you happen to run into me a lot…

Maybe you’re wondering, “Why the heck did you take Jake to the mall?!” Don’t worry, I didn’t. Seth got a couple hours of daddy time while I ran a couple errands real quick. It was nice to get out of the house and from what Jake tells me, they had a great time!

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