Did You Know…

…that babies aren’t allowed at the dentist office?

Hmmm…me either.

Well, allowed or not, Jake stayed and was an angel. Take that dental hygenist! Didn’t even fall asleep…just played with toys in his carseat the entire time. And Jake may have got a glowing review but his mother did not.

It’s not like I had a cavity or anything.

No, no, it was better. I HAD FOUR.

How is that even possible, people??

Oh right, maybe I know. It was this little thing called maternity leave where I sometimes may or may not have forgotten to brush my teeth in the morning if I wasn’t leaving the house. I was aware of the issue but chose not to work on it. I think the brush-your-teeth-please gene is only triggered if I’m on my way out the door.

Maybe it’s a sickness?

But really…if you don’t brush…then you eat breakfast…it’s hard to remember that maybe you didn’t clean your teeth!

Do I have any readers left?

At least none of you have to kiss me. Sorry Seth!

7 thoughts on “Did You Know…

  1. Oh know, sorry about the cavities :( That totally could have happened to me. When I stayed home this summer I would forget to brush my teeth too (Kyle was grossed out when I told him). After you drink coffee and eat you forget that you haven’t brushed them!

  2. Pregnancy can do weird things to ALL parts of the body. I wouldn’t blame the non-brushing. I would blame the littlest cute guy you live with.:-) And he is worth it. We should start a “So, I forgot to brush my teeth” club! I know I do it, but wasn’t aware so many others do it as well.

  3. HEHEHE…1st off..Why can’t you bring babies? 2nd…I am sooo afraid of going. I’ve yet to make an apt. I feel your pain,because even still on the weekends I struggle with the brushing…haha! I never really had that prob. before. I really want to see you guys!!

  4. i have heard that pregnancy can cause cavities…i had one after each baby. and i’ve never heard of that dumb “no baby in the office” rule. maybe after jake was so good they will change their minds. :)

  5. I’ll join that no brushing club. mine extended back into pregnancy. I was very gentle on the brushing so I would gag. And I never flossed (not that I floss much now…)

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