You know, I have started so many blog posts in my head this past week.

Obviously I’ve neglected to write them down.

But they were all great, I assure you. I even have a killer post on Chapter 3 of Radical that I’ll get to in a day or two. Just slightly behind. But it’s almost Thursday and that means I’ll have almost 4 full days to clean up this house, get organized for next week, and blog…duh.

And perhaps I should expand. Not only do I need to clean the house, I need to un-empty the house.

What does that mean, you wonder?

Well, our favorite little boy is into a big “emptying” stage. If he’s rolling on the floor throwing a tantrum, just hand him your purse (or diaper bag or tupperware cabinet or lotion collection) and he will empty them all out, put them back in, and take them all out again.

It’s hours of free fun, I tell ya!

And I let him because…well, life’s short. But this evening as I was leaving for class, I turned around and looked wistfully at the tornado he we created…

1) DVD’s and CD’s all over the living room floor (entertainment system empty – check)
2) Lotions, nail polish, q-tips, and more all over the bathroom floor (cabinets empty – check)
3) Tupperware bowls on the kitchen floor (more cabinets empty – check)
4) Laundry in various locations in the hallway (laundry basket empty – check)

And I’m beginning to rethink this “empty” policy I’ve created. Because when you don’t have time to clean it up, it makes for such a warm and inviting home!

I think tomorrow we’ll start singing to the tune of, “Back in the box! Back in the basket! Back in the cabinet!”…

One thought on “Empty

  1. haha i actually took pictures the other day of how our house started out one morning (ie everything in its place) and how it progressively got worse throughout the day thanks to our little busy body!

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