Exhausted but Finished!

I don’t want to scare anyone, but I think I’m about to go all Extreme Home Makeover on my house. Doing a nursery was so fun and it makes me want to go ahead and do another!

Maybe by tomorrow I will think twice about that statement.

But I was thinking how cute it would be to go ahead and clean out the other extra room and paint it pink and brown! Just in case. Gotta be thinking ahead for #2, right? And if not, it could just be the “pink room”. And now I just love the idea of chair rails. I asked Seth if he could put one in all the extra rooms. He looked at me like I’d gone bonkers.

Seth getting started on all the boxes. What a mess. Our house was covered in cardboard, styrofoam, and packing material.
Tucker had a blast helping Dad with everything. I have a feeling he’ll be in this room a lot.

How precious is this???

This is a blank wall for now. But gives you a good look at the paint job. I am SO happy with the way it turned out! It matches perfectly.

Dresser and hutch. I need some decor…

It was hard to get a picture of the entire room because it’s so small. And the lighting is bad. But it gives you an idea.

I am so grateful for Seth and all his hard work!!! He was such a good sport this weekend and didn’t complain once. I guess we can say he’s done his share of “labor” for now. I just wish I could’ve been a bit more help. But I love it all and am thrilled with the way everything looks!


8 thoughts on “Exhausted but Finished!

  1. it looks so good! good job on matching the paint :)now you have enough free time to come tackle our closet and other stuff in baby bayles’ room!

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