Let’s just say that recent events on TLC have had me ITCHING to write a vent-ful, frustration-filled blog post lately. And everyday this somehow slips my mind. I finally decided that maybe God didn’t like my initial approach and the words I wanted to say. And I’ll admit, they weren’t nice. They weren’t gentle, they weren’t kind, and they sure weren’t Christ-like.

So instead, I choose to petition prayer over the Gosselin family. Do I agree with the decisions they’ve made? Absolutely not. Does my heart ache for Jon, Kate, and all 8 of those impressionable children? Most definitely.

I read that on The View earlier this week, Barbara Walters made a comment about how “if you have more than 5 children, you shouldn’t be allowed to get a divorce.”

I disagree.

If you have any number of children you shouldn’t be allowed to get a divorce (barring extreme circumstances). And actually…children or not…once you and your husband have made that committment to God…you should honor it. No matter what it takes. Nobody said marriages weren’t work.

I watched in tears on Monday night as they announced the future plans for their family. I hoped and prayed they were making a wise decision and merely cancelling the show. This was shortly before my husband made me turn off the TV and pointed out that I was just fueling the media and their decision by supporting the TV show.


But I’ve realized it’s not in my job description to judge. It’s not my responsibility to lecture, to condemn, to really tell all of you how I feel about this subject. But it IS my responsibility to pray. To lift them up. To get down on my knees and ask for the Lord’s intervention. In this situation and many others.

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.

Romans 8:26

I don’t really know how to pull this together but this situation and the intense scrutiny they’ve been given by the media got me thinking about how there is SO much more in life than celebrities, TV, money, our “wants”, etc. God doesn’t want us to put our focus and trust in such worldly things and how we can get so caught up in that stuff is beyond me. We spend too much time worrying, overanalyzing, not trusting God’s plan, and trying to do things our own way.

When it’s really so simple!

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty…”

John 6:35

Jesus takes care of our every need and simply calls us to follow him with a childlike faith and wonder. Put our trust and hope in Him…He’ll take care of the rest. Will it turn out the way we WANT it to? Maybe not. But how awesome is it that we are loved…that we are protected…and that we are saved???

Ok, enough of me. I’ll let God say the rest. I love this song by Jars of Clay. And the video is so powerful. Again, maybe none of this really comes together in a coherent way but it’s all been on my heart and I think I was supposed to share. So enjoy :)

One thought on “Faithfulness

  1. hi mary, i hope it’s not too random and creepy that i stumbled upon your blog a while ago and like to read it every once in a while. :) i really love your posts, and this one is all too perfect! every word is so true. i too have a million little petty opinions about the J&K+8 situation that i’ve developed since the very first season, but your post has really made me refocus on the fact that… we ALL fall short and we ALL have flaws and all we can do is ask God for help and wisdom! so, thank you so much for sharing what was on your heart :)

    - kara

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