Falling Apart?

Oh boy. It’s already starting.

I am falling apart.

I really thought I had until at least 40. But it all started last week when I fell off the bed. Those tangled sheets can do a number on ya!

Then, on Monday, I opened a car door into my forehead. Funny, right? Hilarious. I have a sweet knot & bruise to prove it.

Then today, the ultimate happened. Picture this:

I’m walking down the stairs in the parking garage, eager to begin a new day of work. Starbucks in my left hand, talking on the cell phone in my right, purse & lunch bag over my shoulder. Wearing my brown slacks that are a tad on the long side.

Now take this in slow motion and follow my thought pattern:

1) My shoe heel is caught in my pants
2) I can’t move and I am about to wipeout down the stairs
3) What is the girl behind me going to think? She will witness the whole thing!
4) My hands are full…what will catch my fall???

note: if you EVEN think I was going to sacrifice my caramel macchiato or my new cell phone you are VERY wrong. PRIORITIES, people!!!

5) Kerplunk. Bang. Pow.
6) I just fell down 2 stairs and landed on my knees. On cement. In the stairwell. Where things echo.
7) Is my coffee ok?!?!?!?!
8) Did I scratch my cell phone?!??!?!
9) I think I broke my knees.
10) I actually think I might pass out.

Maybe it’s gross to take a picture of my injured knee, but you had to see. And really, this doesn’t do it justice. And multiply it by 2 because this is just one of them. My legs look like a 3rd grader who just fell off her roller skates or new bike!

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow…

6 thoughts on “Falling Apart?

  1. I am sorry this happened :( This SAME THING happened to me on my 2nd day of work at RHI…going down the stairs in the parking garage on the way to work. I had a bunch of stuff in my hands and my pants got caught on my high heel. I drug my left hand down the concrete wall trying to catch myself, and the man behind me caught me. My knuckle was all bloody and I still have a scar. And my engagement ring left a big white scratch on the concrete wall that is still there! I feel your pain :)

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