Family Photoshoot

A couple of weekends ago, we took the elusive “family pictures” at my Aunt Sally & Uncle Bill’s house in Georgetown. We were technically there to celebrate Papa & Nanny’s 55th wedding anniversary (w-o-w!!) but really, who can turn down a fabulous photo op??

And of course, we would only have the BEST photographers. Thanks to Dana & Dabney for posing and shooting our crazy family! We love y’all!

It was like engagement pictures alllll over again. And Seth just loves taking posed pictures. Loves it.

The entire family (Walls, Plemons, Laughters, Anderles, Hunts)

I was lucky enough to get a photo with the photographer herself. Dabs, will you autograph this please?

Sisterly Love (Emily, Me, & Rachel)

Mom, Emily, Dad, Rachel, Me, & Seth

Papa & Nanny – Happy 55th Anniversary!!

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