Fashion Emergency

Alright troops, I need your help.

Yesterday I had an overwhelming trip to the mall. I had to make some Jake-related returns (clothes, not the baby, don’t worry!!) and by the time we left I was a little frustrated to say the least.

Frustrated with my child? Of course not.

Frustrated with the crowded mall? No…thank goodness I went early and before the holiday madness.

Frustrated with fashion? YES!

As I walked by the different storefronts, I realized that the fashion world has apparently passed me by while I’ve been pregnant and now raising a child. I’m not exactly sure what happened but I kept saying, “Well I don’t have ANYTHING that looks like that!”

I’ve never been on board with leggings but now I’m almost afraid I have to be! Knee-high boots scare me. We all know about my scarf dilemma. That was a big step for me last year people.

Basically, this is a cry for help. A loud cry. A Jake scream, if you will.

I need all of you to comment and leave me your thoughts on the TOP 5 items I need in my closet for this time of year. They don’t have to be winter clothes necessarily, although I am aware I need a new coat. That Chadwick’s coat from freshman year of college just shouldn’t cut it anymore.

Can you help? Again, TOP 5 staple items I need in my closet.




7 thoughts on “Fashion Emergency

  1. these would be my staples (non-maternity :))

    1. a good pair of flats to wear with jeans and leggings (if you take the plunge)
    2. cardigans
    3. shirts with ruffles- sweaters, button downs, etc
    4. lightweight layering sweaters- like the boyfriend sweater from gap
    5. a green pea coat, from, say, ON? ;)

  2. Here we go… alot of mine are like Paula’s… great minds think alike! :)

    1. LEGGINGS/TIGHTS (do it!)
    2. CARDIGANS – Old Navy and Target ALWAYS have reasonably prices cardigans in all sorts of colors that you can mix and match with almost anything!
    3. RUFFLES – anything with some girly ruffles
    4. BOOTS – I myself am on a hunt for some flat knee high boots (will also need skinny jeans for this)
    5. PATTERNED SCARF – maybe something animal print or stripes? Something neutral that can go with anything!

    oh and stay away from things that go “swish – swish” like that cool running suit you wanted to buy last year – BIG NO NO!!!!

    Dont forget to take pics if you decided to implement any of these ideas so that we can see just how hot you look!

  3. I wouldn’t consider myself up to date on the latest fashions, but I will tell you what MY 5 items would be.

    1. a good, comfortable pair of black high heeled boots (I get the short ones and wear them to work with dress pants in the winter…super comfortable)…they are on sale at Nine West right now
    2. a cute jacket (I also need to replace my Chadwicks one from college…I think we both got ours at the same time that Christmas)
    3. ruffles (all the cute shirts seem to have them this season)
    4. different colors of short sleeved and 3/4 length sleeved light weight sweaters…they have a lot of cute ones at Ann Taylor Loft & they can go with all different colors of dress pants
    5. sweater dress…they are so comfortable and look really cute with tall boots (I felt uncomfortable wearing the tall boots at first, but once I got over that I really love mine!)

  4. oh–wish I knew what was in style too (besides maternity wear!). I haven’t really gone back to my REAL clothes yet. I’m afraid to and afraid I’ll be depressed they don’t fit. Sweatpants and tanks are my 2 staples. Let me know what good advice you get and share with this other lost momma!

  5. You just made me realize how out of touch with fashion I am! All I’ve done the past few months is look at maternity clothes, so I have no idea what’s in style this fall and winter! Get the tall boots, I have a few pairs and I love them. I haven’t jumped on the scarf trend but they are really cute. I can’t come up with 5, but I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s!

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