Fashion Update

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a stern lecture from many of you after saying this, but…

I haven’t taken that many pictures of Jake this week.


I don’t know what happened! Oh wait, I do. I finally did more than just sit around, take care of him, and clean the house. This is progress, people. But I promise I’ll try to do better this weekend.

Seth did take one particularly horrifying picture of me and Jake when we went back to bed after his morning feeding. I was so tired and brought him to bed with me. I feel asleep and when I woke up I noticed the camera was in the bedroom. Great. Seth was less than thrilled I posted that precious picture of the two of them in bed (I’m sorry…it was PRECIOUS!) so he decided to get back at me I guess. But something tells me a picture of an unshowered, glasses wearing, funky hairdo Mary in bed with her baby isn’t quite as precious. That is why none of you will ever see it.

In other news…I don’t know if you realized it, but Old Navy had a monumental sale going on this past week. All of their outerwear was 50% off!

Which is SO important for those of us Texans, right?

But if you thought the 50% off was good, listen to this! The sale ended yesterday (Thursday) at midnight. BUT, their 30% off Give and Get promotion started yesterday also. So for a limited time, it was possible to get outerwear for…you guessed it…

80% off!!!

You have never seen someone get so worked up over coats. Seeing as I have my 7-8 year old coat and that’s it, I pounced on this opportunity. And boy howdy, did I hit JACKPOT. Not only did I get this precious white coat:

I also got a FABULOUS kelly green peacoat for a steal at $20!!! Sorry for the lack of picture but it was so fabulous that it’s already sold out online. I knew I had to get this coat because last year I agonized over getting a green pair of flats from Nine West (anything not brown or black is CRAZY scary to me when it comes to shoes) and ended up with a brown pair of flats instead. My friends give me a hard time about it to this day.

So yes, this means I will try to think out of the box when purchasing new shoes with Christmas money (hopefully) this year.

Anyway…I walked out of that store with not one, but TWO coats (again, totally appropriate for Texas) for $50. My friends…the retail value of both coats was $170.

That’s a deal if I’ve ever heard of one.

Oh and don’t forget Seth. He got a new coat too. Which is about time because his is from high school.

At least you can’t say we don’t get good use out of things around here!

Have a great weekend! I promise more pictures of our little boy sooner than later.

One thought on “Fashion Update

  1. oh, i really want a new coat. I have an old navy pea coat from college and I am older than you! Yours looks really cute and the green one sounds darling. I am a little worried about white though, with a new baby.
    :-) I am still trying to come up with my 5 must haves for the closet. That was a great question…really got me thinking.

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