Teaching college kids is funny.

I’m not sure I can technically call them “kids” seeing as their ages range from 18-60…but nonetheless, they are the kids and I am their mature adult teacher at the ripe old age of 26.91.

(Note to readers – that means I have a birthday coming up in approximately 4 weeks…)

You know how you always had to fill out a survey about your teacher at the end of the semester? I finally received feedback from this summer and though I’d share some that made me laugh…

“She goes over the material over and over and over again.” (Not sure if they thought it was helpful or annoying!)

“Summer school is terrible but if you have a good teacher it’s not too bad.”

“She is very very fast to respond to my emails.” (Not just fast, people. Very VERY FAST!)

And this one made me laugh out loud…

“The way she teaches is amazing and even though I’m not doing good she still makes class enjoyable.”


Last week I also had a student draw some pictures on his quiz because it was “too hard”. So he thought the artwork might score him some extra points.

These are adults, people.

If they were good pictures, I might consider it. Or register him for art appreciation instead.

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