Frost Bike and 12 Legs

Wow. Let’s talk about today.

I rode 45 miles for my first MS150 training ride of the year. It was appropriately called the “Frost Bike 50″ because I felt like I was riding in sub-zero temperatures. (Catch the play-on words? Frost Bike, Frostbite!) I literally could not feel any of my appendages. I think that means fingers and toes. Or maybe that means arms and legs. I really couldn’t feel those either. I finished in a record time but only because I kept pedaling faster to create more body warmth. The following thoughts ran through my head at least once or twice during the ride: “It is freaking cold. I hate riding my bike. I love riding my bike. How will I describe this in my blog? This sucks. This isn’t thaat bad! I wonder if I’ll find a dog. Seth is an idiot for golfing in this weather today. My back hurts. WHY ARE WE ON THE FRONTAGE ROAD FOR 290. Idiot drivers! I hate my bike! I love my bike!” And so on. To top things off, my mile counter…let’s call it my bike-ometer broke. So I had no clue how fast I was going or how many miles I’d ridden the entire time. And that is very bad for someone with no sense of direction, speed, or time. I knew the first rest stop was at 17 miles. And for awhile there, I was convinced they must’ve forgotten the first rest stop because I KNEW I’d ridden at least 30 or 35 miles. So I slowed down to ask one of the many bikers I’d passed. Apparently their bikeometer was broken as well because they said we’d only gone 6 miles.

So anyway. I successfully survived. And it actually was kinda fun even though my skin had turned blue. Next ride is Saturday around Lake Windcrest in Magnolia. Maybe I can even make time for a small photo shoot in all my gear!

Next up. I know you are all anticipating the news of the canine. We are “temporarily fostering” Trudie/Sadie/Annie/Mazie (yeah, I know….Kim’s idea), the dog, to see how she gets along with Maggie. Our sweet Maggie. Our quaint little family has grown from 8 to 12 legs for the time being.

Seth immediately started Caesar-izing her (seen the Dog Whisperer?) He was all about “I’m master, you’re dog”. She is also sweet, in a different way than Maggie, but we are testing them out to see how they act around each other. They both enjoy playing but we’ve had T/S/A/M home for 3 hours and their clean-freak mother has already vacuumed twice. Is this something I can do every day, I ask myself?

We do take a decent photo though. And I know this photo really doesn’t do justice to my fashion. I KNOW some of you think we only own Texas A&M apparel (I wore one of the few non-A&M shirts today in honor of my KPMG crew). I know some of you think I am a slob. But I’m sorry. I wear business casual all day long and the last thing I want to do when I get home is put on jeans. Please. I would live in pjs, sweatpants, and windsuits if I could. And this isn’t just something that has happened since I’ve been married. So stop thinking “poor Seth, his wife can’t even look hot for him anymore”. He married into this. He was forewarned. Yet he loves me anyway :) And that is why he’s my best friend and the love of my life. Because he likes to wear his pjs at home too.

This is getting too long. I already have a fantastic topic in my head for the next blog, by the way. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of our foster dog (we have to decide by next Saturday) and her name situation. She has definitely already established herself as alpha-dog though so we’re not sure how this will go over with Miss Maggie May.

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