Full of Glee

I think I probably told y’all I wasn’t going to pick up any extra TV shows this fall. Or if I didn’t say that, I know I’ve talked about giving up a few.

So far we’re failing miserably.

How AWESOME is Glee?! I’ve only seen the pilot episode and this show is so funny! This could even become one of my more favorite shows.


I know. Even after a fantastic Grey’s season premiere last night…2 episodes of The Office that have proved this season won’t disappoint…and Desperate Housewives starting this Sunday…

I think Glee has the potential to top them all.

This clip is from last night’s episode (I think). I’ve got the rest of the day to catch up on the other 3 episodes I’ve missed and I hope my opinion doesn’t change. I should’ve paid more attention to the reviews about this show!

Happy Friday people. I’m off to get a prenatal massage. Here’s hoping it puts me into labor.

(I know…I remember what I said the other day about getting hopes up. But I can dream, right?)

4 thoughts on “Full of Glee

  1. I have some recorded, but haven’t watched them yet. Let me know if you still like it once you catch-up. I have heard several people say they loved it until the 3rd episode.

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