Giving Thanks

Speaking of thanks, you might not be thankful for the picture quality in this post. But let’s just say we were so caught up in spending time with family over the holidays that we just forgot to use the camera!

We had a mini-marathon of a trip last week to visit both sides of our family. We were put to work at Nana’s house to help paint the outside of the house! It was sooo cold outside in San Antonio and we weren’t quite as prepared as we should’ve been. Jake had a rough week anyway with another tooth coming in so he would be just devastated if he couldn’t go outside to do what he wanted.

1 yr old + free reign of the backyard + paint cans = not the best idea!

But we had so much fun catching up with family…we got to see my grandparents, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, & cousins along with Aunt Rachel and future Uncle Michael. It was so nice to all be together because it had been awhile!

Seth and Uncle David helping Jake on the ladder. Kids don’t try that at home!

We thought it was so funny to put that brush in his pocket :)

Seth, Mr. Crews, and Michael painting with Rachel’s instruction

See, we had a team! The house looked so nice when we were finished!

Even Jake decided to help out.

He didn’t know what to think about being so bundled up!

Before we were in San Antonio, we spent a couple days with Seth’s family in La Grange. Jake got to see more aunts, uncles, and cousins and loved all the attention!

Our little musician playing Minaw’s piano

Reading books with Granny

He loves to ride around in the wagon at Nonnie & Popo’s house!

See, I told you it was bad. No group pictures. I was so disappointed with myself! We had a great time but were super excited to sleep in our own bed on Sunday night – 4 nights in the same room as a one year old and a sound machine were quite enough thank you very much.

We are so blessed to have wonderful families that love us and little Jake!

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