Good Friday & Crawfish Boil

Last week we headed to La Grange for the Anderle’s annual crawfish boil. They have been doing this for years and years so we always look forward to catching up with good friends and family!

But first we had to have a little Easter.  Our poor kids never get any gifts around the holidays.

Discovering the fun of a water gun

Drew just goes with the flow.  Grass, presents…all the same!

Look at that chubby face!
(Drew’s, not mine…I hope)

Sometimes this is the best I can get when I ask for a smile from Jake!

We always forget to take pictures together…but can’t forget my partner in crime :)

As always, Ali was excited to see the boys.  And Drew just wanted to get down and CRAWL.  Such a funny face!

Seth and his cousin Matt peeling some crawdads.

The boys were so excited to see their Uncle Chase!  He moved to Amarillo a few months ago so they hadn’t seen him since Christmas.

Again, they just don’t get any attention.  Ever.

I’m sure Popo and Nonnie are always so glad when we visit.  Their lawn gets mowed no less than 1,000 times.

And the main attraction…

Jake loves riding Popo’s tractor!  (The riding lawn mower is also a big hit but pales in comparison)  We talk about this all the time…and this time Popo even let him steer.  I think all farm equipment must smell the same because it smells just like my Peepaw’s old barn.  I’d recognize that smell anywhere!

As Jake would say, “We were workin’ real hard!”
We had a great time and were glad to catch up with everyone over Easter!  I love that my children are making memories like this…not every 2 year old gets to drive heavy machinery multiple times a year.
(Which is probably for the best)

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