Grandparent Love

A couple weekends ago (I know, I’m behind people), the kids were lucky to see lots of grandparents! Let’s go in reverse order…

Nonnie (maybe Mimi now) and Popo with their 2 grandsons. They brought Seth’s Granny up for the afternoon to meet Drew and I remembered to get the camera out this time!

Popo and Drew. Such a cute picture!

Granny rocking with Drew. This is her 5th great-grandchild! I can’t imagine having grandchildren, let alone great-grandkids!

Grandpa also came and spent the weekend with us! Jake had soo much fun bossing him around. Drew probably would’ve too, he just hasn’t caught on yet :)

Playing play-doh after church. We should probably move this activity to the table but someone (Daddy) showed Jake how to play on the kitchen floor and have I mentioned my oldest child doesn’t like change?

Grandpa hanging out with Drew
So glad to have some grandsons I’m sure after raising 3 daughters!

Reading books before bed.

Our boys are so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents that care so much about them! It’s always nice to get a little break and not have to occupy the kids 24-7. :) And the excited look on their (well, Jake’s) faces when they see Nana, Grandpa, Nonnie, & Popo are just priceless.

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