Greg & Jacky’s Wedding

Today Seth & I celebrated our 2-year anniversary of being engaged (well, I did at least) so it was only fitting that we attended a wedding last night. It’s been probably 4 months since we’ve gone to one…which is probably a record streak, considering the matrimony madness our friends have gone through over the past couple of years.
Poor Greg was suitemates in the freshman dorms with some of the guys from LG. He put up with their pranks, jokes, and endless hours of Playstation and still wanted to be friends. Imagine that. We’ve gotten to know Greg & Jacky pretty well over the years. Both are accounting nerds like myself and as of a few months ago became our close neighbors in Spring Trails! We share the joys of home ownership, mexican food, and complaining about work. :)
The lovely bride & groom…Mr & Mrs. Babcock! The only words I can think to describe this wedding are…exquisite, gorgeous, breathtaking…I could go on. WOW. It knocked our socks off!! Every last detail was covered and the flowers and dresses were so beautiful.
Dave instructed me to take this picture because “nobody back home will ever believe he was at the Houston Junior League” :) Needless to say, he was pumped.
All the boys

Seth and his hot bride

Check out the back of her dress! Ah…gorgeous. I think we might be in the background of all the cake-cutting pictures – sorry guys!

Seth & Greg…one with yardwork, budgeting, and golf.

We got moves. We know.

Now I have to hand it to them…this was a first. The wedding party got down with their bad limbo-ing selves and had a blast. It was really funny to watch…can you believe Jacky limboed in that dress??

County boys at a “big city wedding”. It was pretty exciting for them.

Zach & Lindsey…poor thing drove down from Abilene…again.

What a fun time! It was nice to see old friends and party with our bad selves. :) Congratulations Greg & Jacky!!

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