Something has moved me so greatly, that I feel it must be addressed immediately.

The writer’s strike is over!


I’m beginning to wonder however, if this will actually be a good thing for the Anderle’s.

Advantages for Mary: fun shows back on TV, less time spent as Guitar Hero groupie, hopefully no more puzzles (to me, they are synonomous with arts and crafts), better quality entertainment

Disadvantages for Mary: less time to read, evenings become more stressful to manage (cook, clean up, walk the dog, tv, bible study, etc), and the TV will actually be turned on more (we were doing good for awhile)

Advantages for Seth: prospect of 24 coming back to TV eventually (although it’s rumored not to start until jan 2009 now?)…and not much else

Disadvantages for Seth: see above “Advantages for Mary”

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