Happy Birthday Party to You

We decided to have a small family party for Drew this year…and let me tell you.  It’s a lot easier and was just as fun!  All of Drew’s favorite people came in town to celebrate.  Since most everyone lives out of town, we were so thankful to our family for making the drive!  We all went out to eat at a local pizza place and then let the kids play in the fountains outside of the restaurant afterward.

And I’m pretty sure all the adults were about to jump in since outside birthday parties in June equal SWEAT.

019 Me and the birthday boy.  He did not care about his birthday and just wanted to play on my phone.  Typical.

027 Uncle Michael, Aunt Rachel, and Grandpa (or Peepaw, if you ask Drew)

029 Drew isn’t exactly my water boy so this probably wasn’t his dream come true.  He was a good sport though!

045 051 This kid on the other hand…you would’ve thought it was his birthday.  He kept saying things like “Oh, I hope Drew gets lots of Transformers!!  I hope Drew gets a new robot!”  Wishful thinking big brother.

061 084 So sweet.  Drew and his Popo looking at the ducks.

085 087 And of course we had to cool off even more with popsicles!

099 102 103 Family picture – love all these people!

112Nana stayed an extra couple days to play with the boys and they couldn’t have been happier. I think she couldn’t have been anymore worn out!  They kept her busy, that’s for sure.

Let’s hope it feels like eternity before Drew turns 3. Although sadly…it will be here before we know it.

I’ll be crying in the closet if you need me.

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