All day long I have been repeating “Keep me sweet, Lord” to myself.

You know that can’t be good.

I could sit here and tell you about how this heat is nearly unbearable. How my hips hurt to the point of no return. How my feet and lower back ache 24-7. How it sometimes feels like a baby is going to fall out of me.


I could tell you about all those things, but I won’t. Because I am trying to be sweet. I am trying to have a positive attitude and embrace the 50 some-odd days of pregnancy that I have left.

Embracing is not necessarily my strong point.

Moving on.

Seeing as we are T-minus 50 days out from our first child, I think Seth has finally realized this is truly happening. It’s about time, buddy! We had been talking about taking a weekend away and going to a nice hotel and getting massages and such. We somehow let that slip by us, which is hard to imagine considering that if we EVER won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is hire a personal masseuse.

After I paid off our house of course.

Anyway. Instead of going on a weekend staycation, we went for the next best thing. Which was celebrating Houston Restaurant Week at Perry’s Steakhouse. Several nicer restaurants in the greater Houston area offered up set menus at a cheaper price (sorta) for 2 weeks and a portion of the proceeds benefitted the food bank. Since we are all about charity and steak, we knew this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. Dinner was wonderful! Seth had their 7-finger thick pork chops, which were probably about as big as my head. I had one of the best steaks I’d ever had. We got to dress a little nicer…enjoy each other’s company…and pretend like we ate at super nice steak places all the time.

I think we totally fooled them. :)

Then, we “celebrated our birthdays and probably Christmas” about 50 days early by finally making the purchase that has been the source of great debate, research, opinions, and friendly polls for the past 5 months:


I am so excited! Our new camera should be delivered by Friday. Just in time for us to figure out all its gadgets, knobs, and buttons by October. I feel like I have a bit of a headstart on Seth seeing as I played around with SLRs for a couple years in high school photography. But seeing as that also wasn’t quite yesterday…it might be a challenge.

Good thing I’m a quick learner.

We probably did other things this weekend but I can’t quite remember now. We are celebrating Georgia’s birthday tonight and then I am SO excited to be heading back to work tomorrow!!!

I hate Mondays.

Wait, what I mean is…

Keep me sweet, Lord!

3 thoughts on “Happy…Birthdays?

  1. i am so jealous of your new camera!! i am trying to convince houston we really desperately need a d90. i’ll let you know…

    congratulations on t-minus 50 days! that’s when the wedding countdown started to fly… i can only imagine the baby countdown!

  2. You will love your new camera! I have the Rebel XSi but have heard good things about the Nikon too. You will be amazed at your picture quality and how easy it is to get great shots, especially with a moving target! :)

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