Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter this year!  I’ll start with yesterday’s festivities.  I woke up to yelling and when I turned up the monitor, Jake was standing up in bed shouting, “MOMMY!  I HEARD THAT BUNNY A HOPPING!  I HEARD HIM HOPPING REAL HARD!”

(This is a new phrase…he likes things or does things “real hard” instead of “very good” or “really loud”.  I.e. This morning Jake told me he “liked his muffins real hard”.  Ha!)

So we got Drew and ran to the living room.  And sure thing, the Easter Bunny had hopped by “real hard”!

And of course Jake wanted things in Drew’s basket and Drew took something out of Jake’s basket and you can imagine the crying that followed.  Happy Easter indeed.

Still not quite awake but liking what he sees!  Drew’s favorite part of Easter was shaking those eggs.

All dressed and ready for church.  It was actually a miracle we were there 30 minutes early.  How come that doesn’t happen on a normal Sunday?

Drew loves him some Daddy!

Jake told me he wanted to pick his nose instead of smile.  So this was the best we got. :)

We look put together at least one day a week!  Love my family.
After naptime, the Easter Bunny actually hopped on by again and hid eggs in our front yard.  Jake was pumped to participate in another egg hunt as he’s an old pro by now!

Drew preferred to let Daddy to his hunting for him.

I told Seth all I wanted in a life was a picture of both boys sitting by their Easter baskets in their matching outfits (both smiling at the camera of course).  This was attempt #498.  Then Drew started crying and Seth is saying, “Is this REALLY that important???!”
To which I replied, “YES IT IS!”

So one smiling kid will have to suffice this year!

What a little ham.
I am so behind on posts so be looking out for more!  We had a great weekend celebrating Easter in La Grange with Seth’s family and spent some time last week in our splash pool.  Drew also turned 10 months old yesterday.  Impossible!
Hope you all had a great weekend celebrating the risen Lord!
 “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, 
   to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength 
   and honor and glory and praise!”

Revelation 5:11

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