Happy Father’s Day!

Have I completely gone overboard on posting the last couple of days? So sorry. I’m on a roll.

I hate that I don’t have any good pictures to post of dads from this past weekend but I don’t want Father’s Day to go unmentioned. Because all the dads out there deserve some recognition!!

Seth celebrated his first Father’s Day (although he will argue against that) with a brand new TaylorMade Burner Driver. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, I didn’t either until several months ago. He’s had his eye on this golf club for FOREVER but refused it as a birthday/Christmas gift. I finally decided to bite the bullet and take care of this myself. Except when I gave it to him, he thought it was just the swivel sweeper because of the way I was standing with my arms on top of it.


Anyway. It was the LEAST Jake, Maggie, Tucker & I could do to show our appreciation for how he takes care of our family! I am so fortunate to have such a Godly man to go through life and raise a family with. The dogs are so blessed he scoops their poop once a week. And Jake…well…he’ll be that little guy’s hero NO DOUBT! And his baseball coach. And any other kind of sports coach. And his ESPN watching buddy.

Maybe Jake might need a break.


So thank you Seth and I hope you enjoyed your first Father’s Day!

Also, happy Father’s Day to both of OUR dads! We love and appreciate you!

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