Happy Thanksgiving!

If the picture above is any indication of how much Jake enjoyed Thanksgiving, then I guess we did ok! I mean really. Look at those chubby cheeks!

This year we braved the unthinkable (in our minds, at least) for the holidays. We took Jake on a road trip! We were both a little nervous for how everything would go, but of course our son impressed us and made his parents proud (doesn’t he always??). We stayed with his Aunt Rachel on Wednesday night and were grateful that she opened her house to us! And her backyard to Maggie & Tucker of course. It’s funny what a baby does to you…we made all these plans and then at the last minute Seth asked what my plans were for the dogs.


So thanks Rachel for letting us bring them!

(Don’t worry…we already have the kennel booked for Christmas)

Anyway…besides 30 minutes of screaming as we were trying to get out of town, Jake did FANTASTIC! I think it was probably because he knew we were headed to the motherland. You know. Aggieland. Duh. :) We showed him where Mom & Dad met, where we lived, where we worked, took him to our old classrooms…

Just kidding! But perhaps we’ll try that part when he’s a little older.
Rachel was so excited to see Jake…he’d done a lot of growing since she was at the hospital!

The next morning we headed over to Uncle Chase’s house to get ready for our Thanksgiving meal. He was so nice to have us all over and even cleaned his house for maybe the 2nd time in the past few years! Ha.

Chase and Jake hanging out

Jake and Minaw…one of his 4 great grandmas!

Grandpa and Jake

Michael, Jake, “Nonnie” and “Popo”

Jake and our Thanksgiving turkey. The turkey was 13 lbs…so still a few pounds bigger than him! But how handsome does he look in his Sunday best?

Getting ready to eat!

Chase was in charge of carving the turkey. He might have eaten just as much as he carved! Nothing sounds better than a turkey carcass, right?

Everyone was full, tired, and happy!

We were so glad to spend the holiday with some of both of our families! We had a great time and tons of GREAT food! We even took Jake up to the A&M campus for about an hour before we had to head back. He got to see our Aggie tailgate and meet a few friends. Maybe next year he’ll be running around the tailgate and going to a game or two??

When we got back, we watched the Aggie game with the Erbeles. Blake, Jack, & Jake (say it 5 times fast) talked shop and played together.

Hard to imagine these 2 boys were born smaller than Jake! Blake (6 mos), Jake (7 wks), and Jack (6 mos)

How sweet? Jack’s arm must’ve tasted really good!
Love this picture of my two Aggie boys!

At this point in the game, we thought A&M stood a chance. In fact, Seth said it’s my fault we lost because (as always) I said, “Hey! I think we might win this one!” Oops.

Love our little Aggie

And as if you haven’t had enough pictures…

Jake wouldn’t wake up for this picture but look at this cute outfit from his Aunt Paula! We’re now in 0-3 month clothes! As soon as I realized he could wear this size I was in a panic and washed everything in a hurry. I didn’t want us to miss out on wearing any of these cute outfits!!

Happy boy!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We are really enjoying this long holiday weekend. Seth is even out putting lights on the house right now. Which is exciting, considering I was told a few days ago that Christmas lights weren’t happening this year. Nothing a little convincing from Jake couldn’t take care of!

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