Headed to the Big D and I Don’t Mean Dallas. Because it was actually Ft. Worth.

Last weekend Seth was in a wedding for one of his childhood friends, so we headed to Ft. Worth to join in the festivities.  We were nervous about the kids being in a hotel for two nights but they did great.  Now if only we could get Drew to enjoy riding in the car…

wedding1 I love this picture of me and Seth.  Sometimes I worry so much about getting pictures of the kids that I forget about us!  He looked so handsome dressed up in those suspenders!

wedding2 I’m still not sure Jake understands what a wedding is, but he had a great time regardless!

wedding3 Seth, Randy, Dave (the groom), Steve, Zach, and Owenwedding8 It was so nice to see everyone – we hung out with so many of these friends in college and we don’t get to catch up that often.  We truly are blessed with the best friends wherever we go!

wedding7 Drew was going 90 miles a minute at the reception.  I had to post this to show you just how hard it was to get a picture with him.  He didn’t have time to sit still!

wedding6 We couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a good photo booth!  As a friend mentioned, I just wish Seth had dressed up.

wedding5 Jake with his Nonnie and Popo.  The goal was for Drew to be in this picture too.  But you saw our chances of that.

wedding4And we got him!  I love my little family and we had a great time celebrating the marriage of Dave and Bri!

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