Headed to the Big D (but I do mean Dallas)

My grandparents are probably on pins and needles waiting to be famous on the blog. So Peepaw & Meemaw…I apologize :)

Last weekend we headed up to Dallas for a long overdue visit. Jake did pretty well and enjoyed seeing everyone…he even got to see his Grandpa and Aunt Laurie too! We spent lots of time outside because the weather was beautiful and not toooo hot.

Swinging with Grandpa and Mom

Would it kill ya to smile, kiddo?

Grandpa, Meemaw, Peepaw, & Jake

Jake loved his Peepaw!

And his Aunt Laurie too!

Um yes, our toys go everywhere with us. This Leapfrog table is a current OBSESSION.

Jake & his Meemaw

On Saturday, JC graduated from medical school and him & Dabney put on a wonderful dinner for their friends and family. We’ve been waiting on this graduation a long time and I already turned in my list of prescriptions and insurance information. It’s about time, Dr! :)

Wait wait, stop running, slow down DR. Fletcher. I’m just kidding!


Congratulations – you’ve worked hard and deserve it! We know you will do great during your residency!

We also got to have lunch on Sunday with my old coworker (and friend of course) Melissa who moved to Dallas. Her daughter, Avery, is 10.5 months old and wasted no time putting the moves on Jake!

Thanks so much for letting us come visit – we had a great time seeing everyone!

And I had to include this picture. No matter how hard I try, we cannot seem to eat a meal without making a gigantic mess in the highchair. Food gets everywhere. Everywhere. He tried yogurt last week and looooooves it. I think especially because it’s cold and feels good on his gums (because of course teeth haven’t come in yet). In fact, he’s been eating a lot of his baby food cold and seems to like it better that way…yuck!

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