Home Improvement?

Here we are…in the thick of the holiday season. Full of (for me, at least) stress, craziness, fun, lots of plans, raising a new baby, and retail craziness.

Naturally, it only makes sense to take on a huge home improvement project as well.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be living at the funny farm!

It was a spur of the moment thing, but upon falling into a plethora of bedroom decor and bedding that I saved from a friend’s garage sale (really…we basically robbed her), we decided to paint our furniture black. I know, so easy, right?

It actually was a blessing in disguise because for those of you who don’t know our dogs that well…they (puppy Maggie actually) did a NUMBER on this furniture a couple years ago. We’re talking missing wood CHUNKS. Like, I would’ve been embarrassed to donate the set to Goodwill kinda damage.

So since we’ve never done anything to our bedroom in the first place, we figured (ok, I figured) why the heck not?!

Honestly, I was just going to post some pictures of the progress and be done with it so I’m not quite sure why I’m still typing.

Here’s our headboard after one coat of paint

This is what the furniture used to look like. It’s going to be a booger of a job to paint this dresser!
And the almost finished nightstand

I’ve gotta hand it to Seth. He’s done a lot more work on this then I had originally intended. And that’s also partially because I don’t think I fully comprehended the word “sanding”. Whoever invented it should be shot. But he’s done an awesome job and you know, I help when I can. When I’m not feeding our child, changing his diaper, or just holding that sweet thing!

This has sorta turned into my Christmas present so HOPEFULLY I’ll have some “yea, we’re finished!” pictures to share sooner rather than later.

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