How Many is Too Many??

After almost 2 years of unfulfilling my commitment to clean out our closet, I have decided to do something about it. Mark February 12, 2011 as a day for the record books.

And of course this is the one day all week Jake has decided not to take his usual 3-4 hour nap, so I may have to close up shop already.

But may I present you…

A portion of Seth’s t-shirt collection.

How many is too many, you ask? Well, this particular stack includes 34 t-shirts. Just short sleeved. The long sleeved are in another pile (not pictured) along with undershirts, swimsuits, pajama pants, and athletic shorts.

My plan was to show him the pile and easily narrow this collection down to 10-12 good quality t-shirts.




Goodwill is about to become the proud owners of 6 of them. SIX.

Sigh. Try again next year!

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