I Need a Drink

This would be the perfect morning for a Bloody Mary.

If I actually drank those.

(And if I wasn’t pregnant)

Seth is at the lake for a guy’s weekend and the dogs are out of CONTROL. It’s like they have this extra sense. The one that says, “Heck yeah! Dad’s gone, we can do whatever we want!”

This could also be due to my lack of discipline but that’s neither here nor there.

All I wanted to do this morning was sleep in past 6am. 6am is the time in Tucker’s internal clock where he’s supposed to come over to my side of the bed, lick my face, paw me, etc. So around 6:30 I let both dogs out into the muddy backyard. Fastforward 2 hours where I’ve been hearing rough housing, growling, barking, running, and the like. I go to let them in and quickly realize that my dogs have been mud wrestling and are nearly unrecognizable.

Between hauling them outside to get them a bath, the dogs freaking out when they realize it’s bath time, Georgia showing up with donuts seeing me about to lose my mind, me still wanting to go back to sleep, and my belly feeling really uncomfortable this morning…

…wouldn’t I technically deserve that drink??

This is why I’m going to Starbucks. I’m not even putting make up on. And I think I’ll go to Barnes & Noble today too. Both things that make me a happier person.

At least when my child wakes up early I won’t have to throw him out in the backyard.

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