If Hunting Easter Eggs Was Their Job…

…Our boys would be some rich sons of guns!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  Our church promoted a “it’s not about the bunny” theme this year, which I loved.  Because hello, have you seen the Easter Bunny at the mall?  He is creepy and nothing about him says “Jesus is Risen”.


There is never any harm in doing a few egg hunts!

egg hunt 2Our Sunday school class hosted an egg hunt the week before Easter at a local park.  We have done this every year since we’ve had kids and always have a great time.  It’s so fun to see how our group has grown…when we first started attending, hardly anyone had kids.  Now we are bursting with them!

Drew knew exactly what to do.  I think it must be innate.

egg hunt 3 This was old hat for Jake but he didn’t let that stop him.  I think he had found his designated number of eggs in about 3.7 seconds.

egg hunt 4 I think they had more fun opening the eggs than enjoying what was actually inside!

egg hunt1 Most of the kids before the hunt started.  Nobody wanted to line up and take a picture for me.  I wonder why.

098The week before Easter we dyed Easter eggs.  The boys got to wear their Batman aprons from their Minaw and loved making a mess.

101 Jake took his job very seriously.

104 Drew, on the other hand, broke every single egg I gave him.

107But he didn’t care, of course!  He still had a blast.  That face is sweet but trouble!

Stay tuned to hear what the Easter bunny brought for Easter…

I’ll give you a hint.

It starts with stomach.

And ends with bug.

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