If the Shoe Fits…

Due to my ultra-fabulous performance at work as of late, I received $100 in the form of a giftcard, to spend however my little heart desired.

My boss also instructed me this was to be a secret from my husband. Clever. However, the man I am married to does not let anything past his nose without intense scrutiny. Without the big question, “is that new?”…or…”Have I seen that before?”. Since my Christmas list was getting a little too lengthy, I decided to relieve my husband of the “NEW WORK SHOES” burden and take things into my own hands. And really, I was fully justified in buying all of these because I had a GIFTCARD.

Thank you Anadarko.

Nine West was having a fabulous sale this week! I highly recommend you all take a trip on your way to Thanksgiving dinner. TONS of shoes were marked down to $14.99 along with their “buy one, get one 50% off” sale too.


I seem to wear down shoes a lot. I think it’s partially because:

-I walk very quickly
-I run up/down stairs in the parking garage
-I’m not what you call “light footed”

So these should last me awhile. Let’s hope.

How super cute are these?!

My Christmas bonus!

Note #1: I know half of you are sighing, “NOT again, Mary! Brown, black, brown, where is the color?!”

I know. I tried. I was thisclose to buying pair #2 in avocado green, but nobody would answer the phone to say “yes! you can do it!!”

Note #2: Please answer the phone when I call so I don’t make any drastic shoe decisions on my own

Now you know I will spend all evening with the brown vs. avocado battle brewing in my head.

And you thought your life was intense.

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