Jack. is. Back.


What a FANTASTIC 2 night, 4 hour, season premiere! This really is one of the BEST shows on TV!

(I know I said that about Eli Stone too so let me clarify…Eli Stone wins best moral-wise. 24 wins best overall)

As if Jack coming back wasn’t good enough, the producers threw in Tony Almeida AND Bill Buchanan (one of my favorites!!) And yeah, Chloe was around there somewhere.

Clearly, Agent Renee Walker will be Jack’s love interest. She has to be! It must have been love at first sight for him when he asked her how far he could go to get an answer from Gabriel Schechter And she said “do whatever it takes”.

Can you hear his heart palpitations???
Oh, and it gets better. I did a little research to see who else might be joining us this season…

Karen Hayes. Kim Bauer (BOO HISS). Morris! Martha Logan?? Aaron Pierce! Nina Myers!

Ah, gotcha. Kidding about that last one. But how great is this going to be? And really it should be…they haven’t had 2 years off for nothing, ya know!

There is never a greater amount of excitement in our home than when 24 is on. So You Think You Can Dance is a close second. It seems that every 5 minutes we turn to each other with “oh my gosh” expressions or someone (usually me) is yelling “OH SHOOT!”

Who doesn’t love action-packed TV drama full of shooting, terrorists, nerve gas, nerdy computer geeks, an agent that could smash both Chuck Norris and McGuyver in 3 seconds, romance, national crisis, mole after mole infiltrating CTU (and now apparently the FBI…what kind of security checks do they run??), more shooting, more terrorists, scandal in the White House, and MORE!

Ah. Can’t wait. I didn’t even watch The Bachelor…because yes, this was more important.

Stay tuned, folks, stay tuned…

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